Message Peter

About Peter I am Peter! I am a junior in Cal State Fullerton. I am currently taking a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics for teaching and taking classes for secondary education credential program there as well. Before I transferred, I have tutored math in Mathematic Assistance Resource Center (MARC) in Mount San Antonio College (Mt.Sac) for two years. It is a tutoring service for one on one drop-in students. I had students in all different ages from 60-year-old grandma to high school graduates. I often help them with their homework and prepare for their exam. I spend most of my time tutoring Algebra and Geometry. Sometimes, I tutor elementary statistics, trigonometry, pre-calculus and calculus as well. The most common struggle I heard from the student is “math is tedious and hard to understand.” Almost none of the students I tutored read math textbooks. They often learn from a teacher and copy the lecture without a clear understanding of it. Math is like a new language to them. I was a Chinese immigrate. I had a difficult time with English. I like to watch Chinese drama, speak Chinese, hang out with Chinese friends. I never like English at all. I understand why students do not like math. I like tutoring there; I like to see students can overcome it and do the math on their own. And these two years are my best memories; it encourages me to be a good math teacher. In term of tutoring philosophy, I often see myself as a counselor or a doctor type of role as I am tutoring. My job is to see what needs to be fixed for the students. People often get sick and go to see a doctor. Doctors never intend to ask us to see them or take medicine all the time. They often instruct us with a better living style to prevent us from being sick again. I feel that is what I should do. My job is to help students to build study habits for the math courses. I wish them to spend the least amount of time to accelerate and never need a tutor again. It is real math problems sometimes may be tricky like the magic tricks. But, most of the math are straightforward within a system. I believe once students know how it works, they will pick it up with a certain amount of practice. I hope I can provide the help you need. So feel free to contact me and give me any suggestion, I will make a fast response and make adjustment accordingly.