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I have been a San Diego County resident for most of my life, and I am very familiar with the area's schools. I was a student at Rancho Santa Fe Elementary, Torrey Pines High and at UCSD, where my BS degree in Chemical Engineering led me ‚Äčto a very successful professional career. I have also drawn greatly from the knowledge and experience of my mother, who, for over 30 years, was a very dedicated teacher at Rancho Santa Fe Elementary. This background has enabled me to gain a profound appreciation for the key impact that the quality of our educational experiences will make on the rest of our lives. I have directly experienced (both as s student and a tutor), how important a good tutor can be in enhancing our educational performance. I enjoy helping students improve their academic performance, and I am very eager to help you succeed.


University of California at San Diego, , 1983
Bachelors, Chemical Engineering

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Middle / High School English Language and Composition
College Mechanical Engineering
Elementary English Composition
Elementary Grammar
Elementary Reading
Elementary Spelling
Middle / High School Spanish (1-4)
Elementary Addition / Subtraction
Middle / High School Algebra
Middle / High School Algebra 2
College Calculus (1-3)
All Levels Calculus 1
Middle / High School Calculus 2
College College Algebra
College Differential Equations
College Intermediate Algebra
College Linear Algebra
Middle / High School Pre-Algebra
Middle / High School Pre-Calculus
All Levels Trigonometry
College Quantum Mechanics
College Biochemistry
College Biological Chemistry
Middle / High School Biology
All Levels Chemistry
College Classical Mechanics
Middle / High School Earth Science
Middle / High School Environmental Science
College Molecular
College Organic
College Physical Chemistry
Elementary Physical Science
Middle / High School Physics
College Thermodynamics
Exam ACT
Elementary Elementary Science
Elementary Elementary Math
College Inorganic Chemistry