Message Paul

I am Paul. A lover of literature from the Great Gatsby to Great Expectations, anything that's great, I will aid on your quest to understand and analyze. I enjoy books--there I said it, and here I mean it. I graduated from Hamilton College with a writing degree, and finally a chance to put that degree to good use. I can help with fine-tuning, restructuring and truly understanding what you are trying to express with those tricky and jam-packed units some call words. If you like romantic comedies, and old french films, I'm your guy. I will also expound, free of charge, on the merits of Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones, or the Beatles if you're just getting into good ol' rock and roll. If you need help with Spanish, I've been practicing for almost ten years now, and seeing that my lovely girlfriend hails from Ecuador, I've only become more dedicated. I graduated from middle and high school, hopefully like most aim to do, so I can help with basic math and music.