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I know first hand school can be difficult at times! Throughout grade school I struggled to finish assignments, no matter how much effort I put in, the results were poor. Everything changed for me when I found a way of learning that worked for me! Now I'm about to start graduate school and finished my undergraduate degree with honors. I joined Whiz Tutor because I know how it feels to put in the effort and get the same old results and how that can directly effect anyones self esteem. Well for those people out there who are down and out about their school performance, I'm here to help. Whether it be a specific subject or overall frustration with academic performance, it's my true belief that all you need is the information presented to you in a different style of learning. Like a bicycle, not one size fits everyone, if you give me the opportunity I would love to help young people who are struggling just like I did, improve their academic performance and in turn self esteem.

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Madonna University , MI, 2017
Bachelors, Social Work

Madonna University , MI, 2017
Unknown, Substance Abuse Counseling

Madonna University , MI, 2019
Masters, Social Work

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