Message Larissa

Hello everyone, I graduated from Barnard College, Columbia University in 2017. I was a Psychology major because I love helping others, understanding them and helping them understand the world around them. In college, I helped tutor my peers in Psychology, Math and Science classes. I also was a Teaching Assistant for my Statistics course for 3 years. In Maria Regina High School, I was a member of the National and Science Honor Societies. I volunteered tutoring my peers for Math and Science courses, such as Biology and Algebra, as well as in my Spanish Honors class. I was also given the Multicultural Award for Outstanding Leadership and Academic Excellence. I've always had a passion for learning and helping others learn. Being Billingual also gives me the opportunity to help the student navigate between the English and Spanish worlds. For example, sometimes they just don't understand what is being asked, but know how to complete the work. So, I aid in their comprehension and make sure they can start distinguishing and translating the material correctly. Currently, I am tutoring a few students in first and second grades, in Math, Science, and homework help, as well as teaching them English. Other students are in fifth grade and I am helping them with their homework, as well as test-taking and Reading Comprehension. Therefore, I offer a wide variety of subjects and services, depending on what I see the student needs.