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Hello! I'm Robert Levine. I've been tutoring for over 20 years, since I was a college undergraduate. I can help you with just about any subject in the humanities: English (including literature, writing, grammar, and ESL), French, Hebrew, American and world history, geography, and civics/government. Building rapport with students is crucial to my tutoring approach. I try to get to know my students as people and know their interests and earning styles. This enables me to mold the material taught to fit into their minds by relating it to their interests and presenting in a way they can easily absorb--through mnemonics, identifying patterns, related new material to topics learned previously, and providing background information. Of course, I also challenge students to wrap their minds around the material, often by using the Socratic method to show students how much they already know and inducing them to take the next step in their learning.

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Emerson College, MA, 1999
Masters, Creative Writing

University of Maryland, MD, 1997
Bachelors, English

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