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When asked the question "Why are you a good tutor?", I usually respond by saying "It's not for me to say;" however, the single most important quality of an exceptional tutor is PATIENCE. No one can put up with an impatient individual--let alone learn from that person. I will study YOUR test material hours on end as if though I am YOU and I'm getting a grade in your class. I will come up with as many analogies necessary until YOU get what I'm trying to teach. I also incorporate humor into my teaching strat which results in a fun learning experience for both YOU and ME. Last but not least, I don't think tutoring is so much about teaching as it is about learning when it comes to my student's learning habits and personality.


UC Irvine, CA, 2021
Bachelors, Biology

Lynbrook, CA, 2017
High School, High School Diploma

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