Message Grace

Hi there, I'm Grace! I completed my PhD in Genetics in 2017 during which I taught the lab sections of undergraduate biology courses, and tutored students at office hours. My high school and undergraduate teachers were extremely influential in the fields I developed interest and flourished in. They were able to bring the material alive, and made the classroom such a safe environment, that no question was too basic. This is the approach I try to take while tutoring. At the same time, I tailor my approach to individual learning styles; be it visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social or solitary. Learning then becomes a pleasant, and highly efficient experience. I have 10 years teaching and tutoring experience in various Biology fields, specifically: Genetics, Microbiology, Biochemistry and general (Cell) Biology. During these years, I was fortunate to meet over 200 students with diverse needs and hone my tutoring approach to their unique levels. At the end of each semester, the students would anonymously review my approach so positively that I was nominated to receive teaching awards on several occasions. I have continued to keep current, taking online teaching courses to remain abreast with best tutoring practices, learning environments, and learner needs. My goal is to bring excellence to the tutoring experience, therefore I heartily welcome any resources, suggestions that students or parents feel would be instrumental in their tutoring experience. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule your tutoring session, I will respond fast to make sure your needs are met. Appointments should be scheduled 48 hours in advance, and any relevant material regarding the subject, concepts or topics shared at this time as well.