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Hello my name is Joshua and I'm 21 years old. I am a mechanical engineering major, with an interest specifically in the field of aerospace engineering with a focus on astronautics. Long story's my dream to work for JPL and/or NASA. I excel in most STEM based courses, so I'm comfortable tutoring in physics, chemistry, or mathematics.


College of the canyons, , 2018
Associates, Mathematics

College of the canyons, , 2018
Associates, Physics

College of the canyons, , 2018
Associates, Engineering

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5 One of the best tutors I have ever had!
5 My review is way past due. I want to thank you Josh for being a great example and mentor to my child.
5 He was awsome, very knowledgeable on the subject.
5 Joshua is not only a great tutor, but he is an awesome person in general. He was so nice and funny, and he helped me tremendously to get through calculus one. He explained everything so well and in a way that made a lot more sense than how my teacher explained things. Also, if we ran out of time during a session, he was more than willing to solve any unfinished homework problems on his own time and text me back with a full explanation. Overall, I highly, highly recommend Joshua!!!!
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Middle / High School Algebra
College Calculus (1-3)
All Levels Calculus 1
Middle / High School Calculus 2
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College Inorganic Chemistry
College Classical Mechanics
College Optics
College Thermodynamics
Middle / High School Physics
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