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Hello my name is Joshua and I'm 21 years old. I am a mechanical engineering major, with an interest specifically in the field of aerospace engineering with a focus on astronautics. Long story's my dream to work for JPL and/or NASA. I excel in most STEM based courses, so I'm comfortable tutoring in physics, chemistry, or mathematics.


College of the canyons, , 2018
Associates, Mathematics

College of the canyons, , 2018
Associates, Physics

College of the canyons, , 2018
Associates, Engineering

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5 One of the best tutors I have ever had!
5 My review is way past due. I want to thank you Josh for being a great example and mentor to my child.
5 He was awsome, very knowledgeable on the subject.
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Middle / High School Algebra
College Calculus (1-3)
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Middle / High School Calculus 2
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College Inorganic Chemistry
College Classical Mechanics
College Optics
College Thermodynamics
Middle / High School Physics
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