Message Austin

Hi Everyone,I a Professional IT consultant with 12+ years of experience, I own my own company Astrodynamic labs a private computing company. We take on multiple contracts and prjects at once. We sought our education from courses from Caltech and MIT. I am currently Studying Computational Mathematics and Computer Science in University of New Mexico, I am looking to get an Ph'D in 2023 and then proceed to get many more certifcates and degrees as the industry calls for it. I first got into tutoring in my pre-calculus class. Several students were having a very difficult time in thee time and I took it upon me to form a study group and it was a massive success. F's into B's. It was great, after that I became a private tutor one for of the students for years who now continues her studies at Stanford University. It's fun, working with people and discovering they are good at. It can be very rewarding I've been a private tutor helping kids and college students In California. Some of my strong suits includes: mathematics, American history, and biology. I have tutored in pre-calculus, knesology, C++ programming, phyics, music studies, and with many others subjetcs as well!!