Message Ian

Hey there! :) My name is Ian and I have been a math tutor for four years now. I also am certified to teach English as a second language. I am currently a student at California State University Northridge where I major in mechanical engineering and minor in Japanese language. My hobbies are reading books and watching old Japanese dramas. As a tutor it is very rewarding for me to watch my students go from hating math to understanding it. I enjoy seeing people like the old me, who run away from math, begin to ask if they can try another practice problem. I had an experience once where a student found me and thanked me for helping him to enjoy math and pass his classes. My goal is to help my students to not just pass their classes but to enjoy math. I can tutor elementary math, algebra 1/2, geometry and trigonometry. I have taken all 3 calculus courses and differential equations but I would need to see the students coursework and prep more before a tutoring session. People tell me I am very patient with students and am very forgiving to those who need a lot of help. I understand that math is scary, but I believe anyone can do it if they really want to. Engineering has been very influential to my tutoring. All those math problems that are based on engineering concepts have come to make more sense to me as I do them everyday. I have been practicing math tutoring for four years now and I have learned to help students with different learning styles. With math and engineering background I can explain complicated math problems in a more understandable way. I am excited to share the knowledge I gained from my mentors and help my students enjoy math as much as I do.