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Hi, my name is Alan Cheng, I am a CSUN Math Graduate of year 2007. I grew up in Thousand Oaks California, studied in Thousand Oaks High School. I went to college in University of California Irvine and also studied at CSUN for a math degree. I wish to become a teacher because I want to make great people. I could teach a class in a more activity-based manner, that is fun and interactive. I have experience resolving people's problems on a personal level. I have been a math tutor for a very long time, since year 2000. I have been helping people with computer problems and college algebra and calculus problems as a math tutor. I have helped my roomates, classmates and peers with computer issues and math problems in person. With this experience I believe I can be very helpful and effective in gaining student trust and progress towards learning. A solid 16 years of tutoring experience makes me feel ready to become a very good teacher, who can connect with students.

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California State University Northridge, CA, 2007
Bachelors, Mathematics

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