Message Ghada

I am a positive, enthusiastic and math-passionate professional with more than 14 years of experience in school teaching. Throughout my years of teaching, I taught all classes from elementary school till high school.  I am also a mother of two; a son, who is studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering in his senior year and a daughter, who is in her 1st year of medical school. l love having students around me because I feel as if they are truly my children and I know how eager parents are to see their daughters and sons succeed in their education.  I am confident in my ability to explain concepts to students, to asses their needs and to offer them proper guidance of the highest quality. I am able to build productive relationships with students, their guardians and with fellow colleagues. My secret in teaching is to create a positive and motivational environment to encourage students’ creativities and passions to grow. Most importantly, I believe achieving the core goals of education is through gaining the trust of students.