What To Eat Before An Exam

What to eat before an exam

Now it’s time for what you SHOULD be eating before taking your school exams. We talked before about what you shouldn’t eat before an exam or important lecture, but what foods contain the nutrients you need to have your brain functioning well enough to pass that test? First, WATER. Drink as much water as you can during the time leading up to the exam, just make sure you don’t drink so much that you have to use the restroom in the middle of the test. Hydration is so important to keeping your brain stimulated and refreshed. Like we wrote earlier, you’ll want to avoid coffee and alcohol to keep from getting dehydrated. You’re going to want to get a lot of good, nutrient rich foods in your body. Look for fruits with high citric content and berries. Those are loaded with antioxidants that keep your mind feeling fresh and aware. Also try to eat lots of healthy, lean meats like poultry (avoid turkey though for reasons), freshwater fish and even lean beef. Try getting healthy fats in your system. It might sound like an oxymoron, but the fat content found in avocados, nuts and more are actually very good for you, containing fat content that your body can use for energy. We wrote earlier that carbohydrates are bad for you before exams, but that’s only half true. Foods like oatmeals, beans, bananas carrots and potatoes all have carbs that our bodies respond very well to. Just make sure to avoid the carbs found in sugary pastries as a general rule before exams. These foods are overall too sugary and the carbs found in them aren’t the full, nutritious sort you want in your body before a big day like exams day. Now, I know we said to avoid alcohol, but some red wine and maybe some dark chocolate before the big day can give your body just a slight extra boost. Don’t ask why (winky face).

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